Saturday, January 12, 2008

I am so proud of myself at this moment!

So, I got the scarf and hat delivered and Stephanie is so in love with it that she wants me to make one for her sister as well. She also said that her sister has 'babies' (meaning dogs) that she might want me to design some sweaters for. Looks like I am gonna be quite a busy girl.
I have been out of my mind designing a diaper soaker. A lady named Dawn was desperately seeking some loom knit diaper soaker patterns, but could only find one and it had no picture. This couldn't be just a diaper cover, b/c she cloth diapers. It had to be functional. So, since she was in need of this and seemed pretty near her wits' end, I offered to try to convert any crochet or needle knitting patterns she might have for what she wanted. I might have skimmed through both patterns once before realizing that I don't know how to read crochet or needle knit patterns. I didn't know them from Chinese. But I looked at the pics for them and figured that I could come up with something with the same shape and function. (I believe there shouldn't be any copyright infringement b/c I didn't follow any part of the patterns. Not even stitch used or anything. I just used Dawn's daughter's measurements (soooo close to my own dd's so I had a model!) and made the thing up as I went.
This was my first prototype:

The flaps came up too high on the hip and the rise from belly button, through crotch, to about the same place as belly button on the back) was to low. I figured there must be an easy fix for this.
So, I started on a new one. This one started out w/a ribbed waist band that follows a slightly wierd pattern b/c of the fact that it is done on an even number or pegs but needed to start and end with the same type of stitch. It then switches to double stitch so that it is a very tight knit. She had the idea of two rows of buttons so that it is nice and secure and by placing more and more buttons to each side, then you can adjust it. Brilliant. She also has other ideas bouncing around in her busy head at the moment that she is gonna try with the pattern when she gets to knit it up.
But here is the pay off for my OCD perfectionist complex. (Present me with a challenge and see if I can say 'no'! It is impossible.)
Oh, and we know that the butt is baggy (taking off an inch in the pattern will fix that) and I needed to sew on the buttons closer together (side to side wise).

We haven't quite decided what we are going to do with the pattern yet. Since it is a collaboration it is hard for just one of us to claim the glory, but hard to share it since she lives in NY and I live in MS.
Now I can get started on my Shellies for the Loom Class. :D YAY!


up all night loom knitting said...

I really like your diaper soaker. You certainly could both have your name on a pattern! You both can be listed under the copyright also. My brother-in-law and his wife had a baby this past fall and they are using cloth diapers. Would this work in place of a diaper? Those cloth diapers are crazy expensive!! ~cre8tikj~

ThatBottomlipDesigns said...

Let me start by saying Robin is THE BEST. I am the other half of this collaboration and what fun it was...well for me anyway. Now I will be able to make these for my 11m daughter in the purewool I have on order. Her chunky thighs will have relief from the other styles I am using on her. Wool is THE BEST for diapering your baby and this soaker will be daddy friendly and easy on and off.

I am just WAY TOO EXCITED...can you tell? ...and that is a great idea to put both names on the pattern...really location won't be an issue...

but to more important things....will this replace a diaper?

NO, but it WILL allow (I still have to test though) for a very breathable, functional, and hopefully bullet proof option while using an inexpensive style of diapering underneath. Cloth diapering doens't have to be expensive...but it IS addictive.

My plan for these soakers will be to just use prefolds or flats (they look like burp cloths but are diaper service quality). All you do is fold in thirds place in the soaker and then put on your baby just like a regular diaper.

We may decide to have another baby so i will be able to cd right from the start. What fun it will be to make a whole stash of these wraps. I started when my daughter was 4 months and haven't looked back. My husband has NO problem with cd'ing either?? Don't think I have it made though...I have plenty of complaints otherwise ladies.

from the bottom of my heart...


Bethany @ Gettin' It Pegged! said...

Your pattern turned out beautifully! What a team you 2 have made...Great job! We'll be looking for more great ideas from you both.

Brenda GA, Dome-Dweller said...

Very impressive design! I love the shaping you did. However,I sure am glad I don't have a need for those anymore.

jolynn224 said...

these are adorable! I think they are great!

loomcrazy said...

I am in love with this soaker! I cloth diaper my 6 mo old boy and have been looking for a soaker I could knit myself. I hadn't knitted in years and saw the loom and now....I don't think I ever want to go back to needles! I have been searching for a pattern for a soaker and I would love to try this one. It is fabulous!