Sunday, January 13, 2008

Blown away

It is so silly, but I get totally blown away when people like Karen, Bethany, and Brenda comment on MY BLOG! I bow down to these women, so when they comment to me instead of the other way around, and they give me a pat on the back or thumbs up, I am just flabbergasted and am left with my mouth open in shock! They commented to ME!!!!!! Ok, I know I am silly, but let me be giddy for a minute. :D

Chris said that I can order THIS when we get our income tax refunds back this year. I started out just wanting the combo needed for the Loom Class on the Baby Items done with the Kiss Looms. But the longer and longer I wait, and the more I read on the Kiss-Looms group, the more and more I want to order! I gotta have it all! I can't wait!!!!!!!!!

Speaking of Loom Classes, here is the Shellie I made for this weekend's class! The teacher and creator of such a cute little turtle is Jenny. I named him Scooter and then Little Miss Tru snatched him and I don't think she will be giving him back. LOL! I will be making another one today in a red, orange, and yellow variegated Red Heart for Sir Thade. We are naming that one Speedy. :D I love these little Shellies so much that I think I will make a whole family of varying sizes. Haha! And guess what Little Miss Tru surprised me with this morning? When she held him up I told her, "Yep, that is your turtle. His name is Scooter." And she said, "Tuhtul." Ok, proud Mom-O Moment that few will understand I am sure, so quit rolling your eyes at me! LOL!

2 comments: said...

I love the turtle. How do you make it??

Anonymous said...

Hey! It is so nice to hear from you & I am so excited to see that you are getting into the crafty spirit! I love your creations & that turtle is SO adorable!!! :)

Hope you & the little ones are all doing well!

love *ajn*