Friday, February 8, 2008

Kisses for me!!!!

Kiss looms that is! Mine showed up last Thursday. And I am so happy with them. It is the combo 2: 4-6 peg mods, 4-9 peg mods, and 4-30 peg mods. Here they are:

The four 9 peg mods assembled in first position with no spacers.

The four 6 peg mods assembled in the same fashion.

This is a pic of one of the 30 peg boards shown assembled in the 2nd position, no spacers.

And this is the baby doll blankie I made for Lady Tru's babies. I used the 4-9's in first position with no spacers and I used the U-stitch. And I was so excited that I totally forgot to do a purl and knit edging so that it wouldn't curl. LOL! I will have to slow down and think about what I am doing next time. But I did try my hand at crocheting a border for the very first time. I did a single crochet around the edge once then continued around the edge with chaining three, missing next stitch, then single crochet into next creating the simple picot. I have to practice on it...but I am still proud. So far, all I know about crochet is to chain and single crochet. :D GO ME!

The gauge for the blankie is 16 1/2 stitches per 4 inches using a worsted weight yarn. I like the colors of it (Jeannette, is it familiar? I have made several preemie hats with it also.)

I only got to play with my Kisses on Thursday and Friday b/c hubby and I dropped the kids off at his mom's and we took off out of town for the weekend. Our 4th anniversary was yesterday. We went to Florence, AL and stayed in the Marriot Shoals Hotel and Spa. It was very nice. A restaurant in the hotel and then a revolving tower restaurant connected to it. It was a very good weekend. Managed to get away from the kids....but then bought a bunch of junk for them. LOL!

You can barely see the hotel and 360* Bar and Grill from this shot as we left yesterday. Sorry.

Here are better shots of the hotel and the 360*. I also made a preemie hat on the way there and one on the way back, so it wasn't totally a non-looming weekend. I just wasn't gonna risk my new babies getting broken!

That last one is the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway (recall
history lessons on the Great Depression and the TVA.)

And this one is what woke me up at freakin' 7am. Like I could even manage to sleep well in a bed that was actually comfy and warm, then I got woke up and I wanted to sleep in for once! UGH! It is beautiful though, isn't it?

Now I am off to work on my Fingerless Typing Gloves for the LoomClass and when I am done with those I will either work on some of baby items with my Kiss looms or I will finally do Bethany's Chill Chaser Cap! LOL!


up all night loom knitting said...

You lucky girl! I am so jealous of your new looms! You are going to have a lot of fun with them. You know, you could easily do a pair of gloves or fingerless gloves on them! And, you would have a pair that isn't too warm for your climate! Nice pics from your little getaway. I was sick with the flu all weekend (well since last Thursday til yesterday). Glad to hear you had a great time!

Bethany @ Gettin' It Pegged! said...

Looks like you had a marvelous weekend! :)

Congrats on your loom treasure...looks like lots of possibilities there! I've never really seen the kiss looms in all those wingnuts get in the way of your project?

I know you'll enjoy the Chill Chaser Cap...and improve upon it, when the time comes...;)