Thursday, February 14, 2008

Half Finger Typing Gloves

I finished my 'Half Finger Typing Gloves' offered in the Loom Class this week. Karen Gielen is the pattern designer and teacher and she did a brilliantly wonderful job! I love my gloves and plan to make more in the future. Maybe even some for the kids...but I wonder if they will wear them. Since I got the glove pattern down now, I will work on Bethany's Chill Chaser Cap starting tomorrow morning.
For now I am gonna go watch the rest of Shrek III. LOL! Hope to get a tad unbusy soon so that I can loom more, and therefore, update more. :D

Bonus: a cute pic of Sir Thade and Lady MaryAnne (daughter of my SIL's boyfriend who has taken a liking to Thade. More like an obsession but that is OK b/c I just love her to pieces myself! :D)

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Ladyonthego4ever said...

Ijust love your typing there anyway you can share the pattern with me...great job