Sunday, April 20, 2008

What have I been up to?

Recently finished: 2nd test loom of block #3 for the Project Afghan on the Kiss Loom, Denise's Pinwheel Blanket, and 4 preemie hats (crocheted).

WIPS: Felted Baguette on Sg WonderLoom, preemie booties (crocheted).

Future plans: Graciela's Sweater class on Kiss Loom Group and Pam's baby bonnet class on the Loom Class group.

I have been taking on too much stuff lately. I don't even have time to design blocks for the afghan class, let alone design the ideas for other patterns that are floating around in my head. So I have decided that I need to stop doing LALs. Now, I know that is gonna be way too hard to make myself do b/c everything seems way too cool and I really want to do them. But, it is interfering with my own personal creativity that isn't getting out. This is some heartbreaking stuff here, ya'll! REALLY HEARTBREAKING!!!!

I have also been taking more pictures of nature, now that Spring has decided it will be sprung. (Takin' its precious time this year, huh?) Here are some pics that I have accumulated over the past couple of weeks.

A cool little break in those really bad storms from a week and a half ago.

The moon shining one night.

This rainbow was taken on Thursday evening. I saw the sun peaking out from the west but it was still raining so I snatched my camera and literally ran outside to find the rainbow. It was really the most gorgeous rainbow I had ever seen.

Sun shining through the trees with their new leaves. :D

And this pic is of Lady Tru lovin' on her pinwheel blankie. :D

The Project Afghan class has settled down considerably from the first week. :D I am assuming that it isn't b/c the patterns are getting easier, but b/c everyone got the hard questions out of the way the first time around? At least, that is what I hope. Everyone appears to be really enjoying themselves and that is an amazing feeling. Well, I am gonna run, gotta make 4 pairs of preemie booties today...and keep my eye on the class. Thanks for stoppin' by for a while. :)


cre8tivkj said...

Glad to hear you are slowing down a little bit with the LALs, hope the teeth grinding comes to a halt. I too put way too much on my plate. I've had to pick and choose carefully lately. I will do my LALs, just not at the same time as everyone else. The projects aren't going anywhere. They can wait. Love the pictures!

Bethany @ Gettin' It Pegged! said...

Robin, your little sweetie looks so happy to be cuddling under a blanket her own mommy made. :) I can second that on the LAL's, lol! We loomers know how to make life a little crazy sometimes! :P I really can't wait to see what magic comes bubbling out that creative head of yours...and less time on other projects will allow that to happen.