Friday, April 11, 2008

Karen is having a contest!!!!

First off, let's say that I am never gonna be as cool as her (yes, I know that this sucking up won't affect my chances of winning the contest..I am only being honest! :P)
Ok, so one of my best friends, Karen Gielen (all the way up in freezing MN where it is snowing), is having a contest on her blog. Here is the link so that you can go get into the action: Cre8tive KJ's Patterns though I wish I could be the ONLY contestant. She will be giving away a Dell P-Ditty MP3 player! I don't have an mp3 player and want one sooooo badly and it would be awesome to finally get one because I want to listen to my Spanish lessons (yes, I am taking Spanish...again. :P)
You guys will love her patterns as well so make sure that you check out those. And, as I am sure she is praying for it, send her some warm weather vibes. She gets tired of hearing how warm it is down here in MS (cough, 72 degrees at 8am this morning, cough) :D
(I know....doesn't affect my chances, but a girl can try. :D)

Why are you still reading?! GO!!!

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