Monday, March 17, 2008

Signs of Spring and some Baby Items

Well, ya'll....I got to thinking about Isela's post about 'Signs of Spring' and figured that it wouldn't hurt to take a walk through the yard with Sir Thade and see what all we could spot. There are various plants popping out of the ground and a tree or two full of blooms.

This is an Iris' leaves popping out of the ground.

In this bed, around the dogwood (one of my favorite flowering trees, but no flowers from it yet), are some day lilies.

Here are my wilted daffodils...along with some more daylily plants.

These will be tulips and daffodils..I think. I am sure about the tulips, but can't recall if my mom had put some daffodil bulbs or daylily bulbs there.

This is the plum blooming.

You see, I have this grave condition called 'BLACK THUMB'. It causes anything that I try to take care of, plant-wise, to die. I can't even water the darn things. If I try to do anything besides look at will wilt and die! I have a miniature rose that is sitting in one of my kitchen windows. Had it for about a month. When it was bought for me, it had two buds on it and looked healthy. But those buds never bloomed after I waterd it and stuck it in the best window in the house for sunlight. I pruned it to remove the dead buds watered it whenever it was dry and it actually seemed to be thriving. It was green and healthy and adding new leaves everyday. I was getting excited! Then it just started shriveling up. I watered it, I pleaded with it not to die b/c I LOVE roses, I whined, I got angry and bossed it around, I moved it to another window, I tried everything I could think of.....but it looks beyond my ability. Or is it that I did my best to kill it?! AAAAAGGGGGHHHHH!!!

Well, besides my trying as hard as humanly possible to not do anything to care for plants, I have been busy making the baby items in Class. The sweater didn't turn out as small as I needed it, but it will make a nice jacket for my Cabbage Patch Kid. My mom used to sew clothes for my CPK when I was little and I want to loom and crochet clothes for Lady Tru's CPKs. :D
I love the baby items though. I plan on adding some embellishments in the color of the tie that I made for the booties. I am thinking about putting a K for the recepient baby's name on the blanket and the hat. But I am still a little undecided. My brain keeps saying, 'Maybe, maybe not.' IDK. Maybe......LOL!
The kids went and spent the night with my MIL on Saturday, so you would think that I got to sleep in on Sunday. Nope. I awoke from a dream about making a poncho that has sleeves (I had just stitched together my baby sweater and that was my first experience with sleeves) that had the cables like the sides of the Cion Earflap Hat running up the sides of them. It was 6am...on Sunday with no children in the house and no obligation to get up. So, I should just roll over and go back to sleep. I rolled over, after removing Yang (my grey cat), and closed my eyes. "Attention! ATTENTION!!!!! New poncho idea coming through! You should do a poncho in the same color as your Baby Items, long enough to reach down past your elbows, fitting around your shoulders and coming in around your neck, but then flaring back out for a cowl style collar! End of bulletin." Needless to say, I couldn't get back to sleep. I layed in bed contemplating what these two ponchos would look like and special things to do with them until 7, when I rolled out of bed, grabbed some clothes and headed to the shower. Then I drank some Bigelow English Breakfast Tea for the first time and that wasn't too bad, folks. I could get used to drinking tea for breakfast to change up the coffee. I usually just get different flavored creamers to switch up the monotany. LOL!
Today, I am test looming Jenny's block pattern. I only got to row 3 last night before I wanted to just rest. My neck was hurting and I was starting to get tired. But hopefully today I will get it finished and then test loom it on the Kiss Loom to make sure it will all work out fine. :D
I hope that everyone has a wonderful week!!!!


mommajean13 said...

Hi Robin, Great job on the baby set. Happy Looming, WandaJean

Brenda GA, Dome-Dweller said...

Your baby items are fantastic, Robin! The sweater is my favorite, but the blanket is gorgeous, too.

cre8tivkj said...

Black thumb, huh? I suffer from the same condition! LOL!

Eliea said...

have the same problem with plants. I had an ivy that I killed by forgetting to water it, a money tree I killed becasue I put it outside, a bush the hubby pulled up and killed,
not to mention the various species of aloe plants.
I have so far managed not to kill 2 plants.
Philodendron and Mother in laws tounge. Both seem to do ok with watering here and there, and moderate to no sunlight. The philodendron I bring in in the winter and it drops its leaves then puts out new ones!
Totally amazing.